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Mito and Yamagishi live in the same neighborhood. Once a month, they will hold a home party together and drink wine and talk about life. But a few days later, Aika quarreled with her husband and she wanted to return to her mother's house. Kana continuously advised her and let her stay at her house to think again. At the same time, Aika's husband had a high fever, Kana stayed at Aika's house to take care of Aika's husband. And Kana's gentleness touched Aika's husband and because he had not made love for a long time, he could not control himself and took her. Kana's husband witnessed it through the window, and he decided to have sex with Aika to get revenge. He didn't stop there, he forced his wife to have sex with him right in front of his eyes, so he would also have sex with Aika in front of that husband to take revenge. But it seemed that they were gradually immersed in the excitement of making love together, so their relationship gradually became closer and from now on, once a month, they would make love together to make their relationship closer.. .

JUL-179 Two close friends happily exchange wives

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 Actor: Aika Yamagishi 

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