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The film consists of 2 parts with similar content, telling about threesome love affairs between 2 women and 1 man. Arguing with her husband, the girl went to her best friend's house to confide in her. Unfortunately, when her friend went out, only her husband was home. Bored, unable to hide her feelings, she confided everything to him. This is also a good time for him to take advantage of her unconsciousness to do what he wants. Indeed, at this time he pretended to care and support her and began to slowly touch each part of her body. Of course, when she was frustrated and bored, if a guy did that to her, the girl would Everyone must be moved, not just her. And then a secret affair began between them, but in the middle of a storm, her best friend suddenly came home. She thought she would be very angry, but no, luckily she also understood her friend's current mood. I should decide to share my husband with this poor girl.

SW-226 Visiting the bear's house, the young man

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 Movie Code: SW-226 

 Actor: Arisu Hayase 

 Category: Japanese Sex Movies Adultery Sex Movie XNXX SEXTOP1 

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